About Us

Who We Are

The Belize Social Investment Fund is an implementing agency of the Government of Belize aimed to improve quality of life through the implementation of infrastructure and social programs; thus ensuring our citizens are provided with opportunities to actively participate in, and significantly contribute to the national development of Belize.

In essence, the Belize Social Investment Fund is a catalyst for sustainable national development for present and future generations.

To date, BSIF has implemented over 700 tangible development projects that have had a national impact in the areas of Education, Water & Sanitation, Health, Social Services, Organizational Strengthening, and Economic Infrastructure.


The management of the Belize Social Investment Fund is carried out by a nine-member Board of Directors which reports to the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance, Economic Development And Investment. Members of the Board have been selected by their respective ministry or organization and then approved by the Office of the Prime Minister. The representatives have been selected from the following Ministries and Organizations:

  • Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment
  •  Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology
  •  Ministry of Health & Wellness
  •  Ministry of Human Development, Families & Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs
  •  Ministry of Rural transformation, Community Development, Labor and Local Government
  •  NGO Community
  • Private Sector Organizations
  •  Women’s Commission
  •  Youth Commission

The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board.

The Board is responsible for assuring adherence to the guiding principles and policies of the Belize Social Investment Fund.

Meet the Team

Get to know the faces behind the scenes who work tirelessly to bring our vision to life. From creative minds to problem-solvers, each member brings unique talents and perspectives to the table. We're not just colleagues; we're a tight-knit family dedicated to excellence and innovation.

Carlos Tun

Executive Director

Nellie Trench

Finance Unit Coordinator

Virginia Vasquez

Office Manager

Denise Wade

Sr. Accounts Officer

Raoul Roches

Finance Unit Assistant

Angeles Itzab

Senior Procurement Officer

Kyla Cho

Procurement Officer

Dorett Tennyson

Project Manager and Coordinator BNTF10

Dorian Avilez

Community and Institutional Development Officer

Emily Hernandez

Technical Officer Engineer (Southern Region)

Ivor Mendez

Field Officer ( Northern Region)

Marlon Brown

Architect (Central Region)

Mirtha Welch

Technical Officer (Northern Region)

Norys Rosales

Technical Unit Coordinator

Ranulfo 'Benji' Mendoza

Engineer (Northern Region)

Sandra Grant

Field Officer (Central Region)

Thalia Dawson

Technical Officer (Community and Institutional Development)

Duane Moody

Public Relations Officer

Alysia Norales

Systems Administrator

Emerson Sheppard


Kendra Butler

Social Development Officer

Keneshia Sutherland

Administrative Assistant

Mark Wagner


Mervyn Matute