Maria Crawford Health Centre  Ground Breaking in  Crooked Tree Village

Infrastructure Works is underway for the substitution of the  Maria Crawford Health Centre (MCHC) in Crooked Tree Village,  Belize District

Crooked Tree Village. July 29, 2020. 2:00PM

Funding for the health sub-project totalling US$499,950.00 is allocated from the  health sector of the  Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) Loan III Project, 

Financing is provided by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the Government of Belize (GoB), and in-kind contribution by village of Crooked Tree.

The completion of MCHC is targeted to provide 800 + residents access to quality health care services.

The new health center will boast improved amenities, privacy and adequate space for patients as well as living accommodations for resident nurse and visiting medical personnel. 

This health sub-project will also provide health education material along with audiovisual equipment for the waiting room to enhance the health promotion program at the facility.

This sub-project contributes towards achieving universal access to preventable primary health care services in alignment with the National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2014- 2024

 This demonstrates the GOB’s commitment to the goal of Universal Health. 

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