CONTRACT AWARD INFORMATION – CONSULTANCY SERVICES BSIF Loan III Consultancy Services for the Design and Supervision of Infrastructure Works for the Libertad Village and Concepcion Village Joint Rudimentary Water System Sub-project, Corozal District, Belize, BSIF III

  1. Summary of Scores:
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Shortlisted Consultants



Technical Proposal Scores Financial Proposal Prices       Final Rank

(LCS Method)

    Criterion 1: Adequacy and quality of the Proposed Methodology and Work Plan in Responding to the Terms of Reference

(30 points)

Criterion 2:

Key Expert’s Qualifications and Competence for the Assignment

(70 points)


(100 points )

    Submitted Price


Evaluated Price


(Conversion to currency of evaluation – exchange rate of 2.0175)

CHENTEC Belize 12 58.8 70.8 BZD $93,245.00

(exclusive of taxes)

BZD $93,245.00

(exclusive of taxes)

Sub-Consultancy: Mitchell-Moody Associates with Keith Hardwick and Tunich-Nah Consultants & Engineering ** Did not submit proposals
R.M. Engineering Ltd. ** Did not submit proposals
  1. Name of Successful Consultant: CHENTEC
  2. Final Awarded Price: BZD 104,900.63 (Inclusive of taxes)
  3. Commencement Date of Contract: October 10, 2019
  4. Duration of Contract: Approximately 24 months
  5. Summary Scope of Contract: The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical support to the IA during the implementation of the BSIF III Project. Consulting firms will be required to review existing designs and estimates (where available); advise on scope and adequacy of sub-project intervention; and provide detailed designs, summary estimates, and priced activity schedules.  The work must consider thematic areas such as gender and environmental assessments, and shall seek to integrate disaster mitigation measures into designs.  Consulting firms will also be required to provide technical inspection of construction works.


  1. Note: Selection Method: Least Cost Selection (LCS)

Minimum Technical Proposal Score required to open Financial Proposal: 70 points