Consultancy Services for the development of a Strategic Plan for the Belize Social Investment Fund

Consultancy Services for the development of a Strategic Plan for the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF)

Terms of Reference

Title of Project: Enhancing access for Climate Finance Opportunities, through pre accreditation support to Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) and Ministry of Economic Development – Belize and technical support for Belize National Protected Areas System (BNPAS) Entities, Belize.

Project Objective: The overarching objective is to address institutional gaps identified that inhibit Belize’s ability to successfully access climate finance through entities such as the GCF.

Delivery Partner: Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) – GCF Direct Access Entity


Belize, like many other Small Island Developing States (SIDS), is particularly vulnerable to climate change with limited access to national financial, technological and technical resources to build the country’s resilience. Ranking 9th on the Climate Change Vulnerability Index for the Latin American and Caribbean Region, Belize recognizes the need to take proactive actions towards a climate resilient development pathway. However, addressing the growing impacts of climate change poses a major challenge to national organizations, given their limited financial resources. It is vital that Belize tackles climate resiliency by strengthening the capacity of national agencies across sectors to access, manage and monitor climate financed project/programs, which can only be achieved through support from key Funding Agencies, such as the Green Climate Fund.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a unique global platform to respond to climate change by investing in low-emission and climate-resilient development. GCF was established to limit or reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in developing countries, and to help vulnerable societies adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Given the urgency and seriousness of this challenge, the Fund is mandated to make an ambitious contribution to the united global response to climate change.

GCF’s Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme supports country – driven initiatives by developing countries to strengthen their institutional capacities, governance mechanisms, and planning and programming frameworks towards a transformational long – term climate action agenda. The Readiness Programme provides grants and technical assistance to National Designated Authorities (NDA) and/or Focal Points (FPs). Readiness funding can also be deployed to strengthen Direct Access Entities (DAE).

The NDA has identified key agencies to assist the country channel climate finance. The Belize Social Investment Fund established in 1969 and based on its governing act is mandated by the Government of Belize to provide financial and technical assistance to local government entities and community groups through development cooperation funds earmarked for poverty reduction interventions. Work under a previous readiness grant (BLZ-RS-002) identified gaps in BSIF’s operations such as the lack of a Strategic Plan to guide its long-term vision and work of the organization. This readiness grant seeks to strengthen internal capacities and function of the BSIF to attain GCF accreditation by addressing the above gap. In doing so, Belize will be able to access international climate finance via an entity engaged in the provision of basic climate resilient social infrastructure and related human development interventions across the Health, Education, Water and Sanitation sectors particularly in rural communities throughout the country. The Belize Social Investment Fund serves a unique role in addressing the human developmental needs of men, women, and children in communities across the country.

Hence, PACT is interested in identifying a Consulting Team to undertake the development of the BSIF Strategic Plan inclusive of the organization’s long-term goals for the development of the country in line with national priorities and climate adaptive needs. The BSIF strategic plan will:

  • -define/clarify mission, vision, values, objectives and strategy of the organization
  • -define strategic priorities and actions
  • -develop more effective communication and collaboration
  • -develop an effective internal evaluation mechanism
  • -develop a sustainable fundraising strategy
  • -propose improvements to the organizational structure and ensure its alignment with new strategic direction



The scope of work for the Consultancy firm will include but not limited to the following:


  • Participate in an Inception Meeting with the BSIF Board and management team to: (1) discuss the scope of the Terms of Reference (TOR) and deliverables to be produced and (2) discuss and finalize the work-plan and proposed consultation schedule.
  • The consultancy team, in their response to this ToR and based on the results of the inception meeting, will be expected to develop and submit an approved consultancy work plan, which details specific activities, timeline, and their sequence.
  • Conduct stakeholder data collection meetings with relevant Government Ministries/Departments including, but not limited to: Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment, Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoHW); Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MoECST); Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour and Local Government (MRTCDLLG); Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing (MIDH); and key donor agencies including the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the World Bank (WB).
  • Review all relevant literature, to include but not be limited to the SIF Act, Operational Manual and tripartite agreements; previously completed Impact Assessment, Institutional Assessment and Participatory and Gender Inclusion Methodologies and performance audit reports.
  • Assess and identify BSIF’s existing organizational performance (including a review of overall strengths, deficiencies, opportunities and threats and a situational analysis of organizational operations to date.) related to the organization’s current programmatic scope and operational capacity.
  • Develop a new BSIF Strategic Plan including a new strategic direction and/or revised mandate.
  • Review and revise (if necessary) the organizational vision and mission statements based on the organizational mandate.
  • Undertake stakeholder mapping and analysis exercise to comprehensively identify BSIF’s full spectrum of stakeholders (groups and individuals).
  • Engage identified BSIF stakeholders in a highly consultative process for their inputs into the strategic planning process through multiple consultation sessions (preferably 20+ stakeholders).
  • Through appropriate consultative and analytical processes and techniques, identify programmatic and operational focus areas and develop strategic objectives and key result areas for the same. Specific actions include the following:

-Broadly assess the institutional capacity, organizational set-up, financial and administrative systems against the potentially new/revised organizational mandate and the identified strategic objectives and new key result areas; and make recommendations, if any.

-Identify areas in the operational plans and policies including the SIF Act, Operational Manual and tripartite agreements which will require updating aimed at making them more (i) results-based, gender-responsive, flexible, and relevant; (ii) better aligned with national poverty reduction and growth objectives; and (iii) more efficient and effective.

-Identify new areas of interventions, innovative ways of doing business and the capacity needs of BSIF to mainstream cross-cutting areas such as gender, environment and energy efficiency and fully apply results-based oriented management approaches.

-Identify strategies to improve internal controls, processes and procedures as well as the sub-project cycle management process in order to facilitate more effective and efficient use of resources.

-Enhance BSIF targeting mechanism to mobilize in marginalized, remote and indigenous communities and to reach the poorest of the poor, to stimulate demand for sub-projects among the most vulnerable and to improve beneficiary participation especially among women.

-Develop best practice guidelines for incorporating gender analysis, stakeholder engagement, reporting, and data collection throughout the sub-project cycle.

-Propose a strategy for achieving the strategic objectives and key results.

-Develop a Results and Resources Framework for the plan period.

-Develop an accompanying Action Plan in the Strategic Plan including recommendations, options, associated costs and timeline aimed at improving service delivery and that are aligned with the strategic direction of GOB as outlined for Plan Belize – Medium Term Development Strategy and

-Develop an M&E framework with key performance indicators to support the pending BSIF Strategic Plan via a consultative process.


  • Hold stakeholder meeting(s) to validate the draft BSIF Strategic Plan.
  • Finalize BSIF Strategic Plan and submit to BSIF for review and approval.
  • Develop a staff awareness and sensitization document (including summary framework) for the BSIF Strategic Plan and corresponding M&E Framework (inclusive of performance measurement indicators that track plan implementation progress).
  • Conduct two (2) two-day sensitization and awareness sessions for twenty-five (25) BSIF staff and 10 Board members on the new strategic plan.
  • Develop a BSIF Strategic Plan Implementation Capacity Development Strategy and Plan including a training needs and recruitment plan based on management, staff, stakeholders’ expectations and strategic needs.
  • Capture lessons learnt during implementation of consultancy.


  • All documentation submitted must be in English. All documentation will be submitted by the consulting firm in hard copy (10 copies) and in its original digital format to the Chair of the BSIF Board. All timeframes/schedules for delivery shall be outlined in an approved Inception Report with specified due dates agreed upon between the consulting firm and the BSIF Board and management team.
Deliverables Timeframe
Inception Report and detailed work plan

·         Brief executive summary of inception meeting

  • Detailed scope of work
  • Methodology
  • Timelines (Gantt Chart)
  • Milestones including stakeholder engagement
No later than two (2) weeks after signing of contract
Draft SP No later than five (5) months after signing of contract
Final SP No later than six (6) months after signing of contract
Presentation of the SP to the BSIF Board of Directors No later than seven (7) months after signing of contract Finalized BSIF Strategic Plan 2022-2025 (inclusive of organizational chart)  

No later than seven (7) months after signing of contract Report on consultation process undertaken  

No later than seven (7) months after signing of contract Completed Monitoring and Evaluation Framework with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to support BSIF SP 2022-2025  

No later than eight (8) months after signing of contract Report on consultation process undertaken  

No later than eight (8) months after signing of contract Staff and Board Sensitization and Awareness Framework (training manuals and guidelines) document for the BSIF Strategic Plan and M&E Framework  

No later than eight (8) months after signing of contract Completed training report(s) on combined BSIF Strategic Plan and M&E Framework with gender disaggregated information and post training evaluation on participants  

No later than eight (8) months after signing of contract



An interactive and participatory approach is a requirement. The consultancy firm will be responsible for proposing a work plan to undertake the assignment. Access shall be given to the consultancy firm to actively engage the BSIF Board, Management Team and Staff, other stakeholders, and the public.



Payment arrangements is as follows:

# Deliverable Output Percentage
1 After contract signature and delivery and acceptance of Inception Report and Work Plan 15%
2 Delivery and acceptance of draft BSIF Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025 30%
3 Delivery and acceptance of finalized BSIF Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025 and Completed Monitoring and Evaluation Framework with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 30%
4 Delivery and acceptance of all capacity development items and reports (including sensitization and awareness manual and training, SP M&E framework training and report and SP implementation Capacity Development Strategy and Plan. 25%




The consultancy assignment’s procurement process requires that the service provider is a firm with the selected entity fielding a consultancy team that should consist of both international and local experts. The firm is required to have 10+ years’ experience in the development of strategic plans for public sector organizations, experience in institutional assessment and development, organizational performance monitoring (tracking) and performance evaluation, project management, adaptive planning management, stakeholder engagement, group facilitation and meeting management, technical writing and active listening. Demonstrate a minimum of at least two (2) similar assignments within the past seven (7) years. The Team Leader should have at minimum a master’s degree in a relevant field including the areas of Strategy Development, Climate Finance and Monitoring and Evaluation.





Duration: One hundred and thirty-five days (135) over 8 months commencing from contract effective date.

Reporting Responsibility: The consultancy team will report to PACT’s Project Manager and to Belize Social Investment Fund Board of Directors (possibly through a designated BSIF Planning Committee).

Start date: The proposed commencement date is October 31st 2022.



All drafts and final reports and deliverables shall be written in English. Draft reports shall be submitted digitally in Microsoft Word format. Final reports shall be submitted in ten (10) hard copies and digital copy and must be submitted by the consultant to the Chair of the Board of Directors of BSIF. The BSIF Board is solely responsible for approving the final versions of all deliverables within reasonable review timeframes.




The results to be achieved by the consultancy team are specified above. Progress towards achieving these results will be measured by the following performance indicators:

  • Timeliness of the submission of deliverables and other services provided;
  • Technical quality of the deliverables and outputs reviewed and approved by BSIF Board;
  • Breadth and depth of stakeholder meetings and consultations completed with all relevant stakeholders;
  • Timeliness and technical quality in terms of meeting objectives and activities outlined in the TOR and;
  • Comprehensiveness and technical quality of draft and final strategic plan documents.


  • Interested firms are asked to submit a detailed technical proposal for the deliverables. The technical proposal should include methodology, work schedule, quality control and quality assurance. The technical proposal shall also describe the composition of the team and relevant years of experience. A financial proposal shall also be submitted.


  • They must also provide most recent Curriculum Vitae of all members of the Consulting team.


  • Those interested should present the technical offer and budget proposal that responds to the contents of this ToR no later than 5:00 pm (Central Standard Time), October 21, 2022. The proposal should be addressed to:


Mr. Radin Santos

Procurement Officer

Protected Areas Conservation Trust

Re: Expression of Interest – Development of a Strategic Plan for Belize Social Investment Fund

Soft copies should be sent via email to: and


The consultant will be selected in accordance with the International Competitive Bidding Method.

PACT is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against protected characteristics (gender, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability).


PACT is not liable for any costs incurred by applicants in submission of their application.


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