BSIF 20 Year Anniversary Report

The Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF) was established by the Government of Belize in 1996. BSIF was preceded by an interim organization called the Social Investment Fund Project Preparation Team which was a nine-member entity set up to prepare the project implementation program.

This included producing all the operational manuals, a menu of projects that would be financed, and a listing of the job descriptions and positions that would become operational upon the establishment of BSIF.  The Project Preparation Team (PPT) had an unusual configuration, with a young professional staff posted along with a more experienced team member working in the topical areas of education and social and economic development – areas which were deemed critical to the elimination of poverty in Belize. This proved to be an effective approach since it allowed for the matching of the more conservative approaches of the experienced staff with the energy and dynamism of the younger members of the team.