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Santa Anna Ground Breaking Ceremonies Rehabilitated Water System Friday May 8, 2015

The Belize Social Investment Fund

The Belize Social Investment (BSIF)  was incorporated in 1996 as a Statutory Body through the  Belize Social Investment Fund Act.   According to the Act, “The Fund shall, subject to the availability of resources, approve projects and programmes and provide, either wholly or partially, financial and technical assistance to community groups with development goals, and local government organizations, for the execution of such projects or programmes which will serve to provide basic services to the most severely affected groups in the country.”


The Belize Social Investment Fund is a Statutory Body, charged to equitably and adequately respond to the human development needs of the poor and vulnerable population in Belize in order to enable every citizen to fully develop, flourish and function in his or her maximum potential.

SIF’s work plan operates under the mandate and task , provided by the provisions of the Social Investment Fund Act.  SIF’s new strategic plan aims to achieve its broadened mission by continuing the development and implementation of projects and programmes that provide financial and technical assistance to civil society entitites and local government organizations for the provision of basic development services to the most severely affected groups in the country.

Through its strategic plan, BSIF strives to ensure maximum alignment with the Government’s macro policy for poverty reduction and elimination, as captured in the National Poverty Elimination Strategy and Action Plan 2007 -2011.

Governance Structure:    
The management of the Belize Social Investment Fund will be carried out by a nine-member Board of Directors which reports to the Minister of Economic Development.  Members of the Board have been selected by their respective ministry or organization, then approved by the Minister of Economic Development.  The Executive Director of the Fund is a  non-voting member of the Board. The representatives have been selected from the following Ministries and Organizations: 
  1. The Ministry of  Economic Development,
  2. The Ministry of  Education,
  3. The Ministry of  Health,
  4. The Ministry of  Human Resources 
  5. The NGO Community (ANDA, CVSS, BACONGO) 
  6. The Private Sector Organizations 
  7. The Women’s Commission, and 
  8. The Youth Commission.
  9. The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board. 
The Board will be responsible for assuring adherence to the guiding principles and policies of the institution.


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