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Component Two - Capacity Building and Technical Assistance for Town and City Councils and Central Government

Component 2
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance for Town and City Councils and Central Government

Eligible Activities

Activities under Component 2 primarily focus on:

  1. Preparation of Municipal Growth Plans (MGP).  The purpose of such plans is to provide a simple and straightforward tool to Town and City Councils to cope with population growth and town expansion.  The Town and City Councils will produce the MGP using their own technical capacity, where it exists, with the support of the Urban Planning Officer working under the MNRE.
  2. Provision of Revenue Enhancement Support.  The purpose of such training is to increase capacity at the municipal level to augment municipal revenues through the updating of property databases, improving billing and collection systems, etc.
  3. Provision of Finance Management capacity building.  The purpose of this activity is to increase knowledge of proper budgeting procedures, including budgeting for operations and maintenance.  Additionally, FM systems in the Town and City Councils will be strengthened through the provision of customized accounting software.
  4. Provision of capacity building in the area of Traffic Management (but excluding police activities of any sort).  Allowable activities will include road safety, congestion management, multi-modal planning, and others as agreed with the World Bank in the annual work plans and updates.

Central Government Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Technical assistance from Local Government Officer and Urban Planner 
Assistance to MLLGRD:

A full time Local Government Consultant is hired to assist MLLGRD in meeting its role as the lead agency responsible for enhancing the capacity of local governments in a sustainable fashion.  The consultant provides Financial Management monitoring and at the same time increase Central Government capacity to analyze and utilize data produced. 
The purpose is to provide assistance and advice to all municipal bodies on the management of their financial resources and to assure the accountability and transparency thereof. Some of the specific responsibilities include:
Specific activities under this assistance include among others:

  1. Introduction of improved financial reporting formats and computerization of municipal accounting systems;
  2. Analysis of TCC-provided financial information;
  3. Implementation of improved human resource management procedures including promotion of standardized job descriptions;

Assistance to MNRE:

A full time Urban Planning Consultant is hired to assist MNRE in enhancing its capacity to support Town and City Councils in the area of urban development planning and in particular in land use planning incorporating environmental constraints and natural disaster prevention and mitigation requirements. The urban planner will also provide guidance to the Town and City Councils in the utilization of spatial planning for growth. 
BMDP assistance to MNRE may also include other activities such as the development and dissemination of GIS based data management systems to Town and City Councils in order to support the strengthening of their urban planning capacities.